How do you design a benefits scheme that stands the test of time?
Thursday 15 December | 12pm to 13pm GMT

Salary sacrifice has been one of the key facilitators of UK benefit programmes, whether as a vehicle to engage employees, to make savings for the company or to fund other initiatives. It has helped many companies achieve results that they otherwise wouldn’t have and has been incredibly easy to rely on for ROI.

The recent HM Revenue & Customs review of salary sacrifice has been on the agenda for some time - but what is it, what will come out of the consultation and what will it really mean for benefits?

In this webinar we will explore what the potential fallouts are for you when one of the main foundations of your benefits program changes and how you can adapt your scheme design as a result: equipping you to move into 2017 with an exciting opportunity to rejuvenate your employee offering.

By attending this webinar you will:

  • Gain an understanding of potential tax changes and the implications for your benefits program
  • Be equipped with practical steps on how to start proactively preparing for the changes
  • Learn how to construct a business case for your CFO in advance including: an assessment of the level of tax-efficient savings today, what your employees think and how you are changing your scheme design as a result.

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